Samya Tatone

Samya Tatone has brought Pilates to a whole new level of awareness to both her clients and other health professionals. Her detailed and precise teaching style, transformed her sessions into an education through movement and awareness.

She has gained respect from the therapeutic field of professionals due to her exceptional attention to detail. “It’s her ability to see the subtle things that makes her so outstanding”, says one of her clients/colleague physiotherapist.

She manages to pass on her knowledge of the human body skillfully through her cueing, getting her clients to become not only fascinated with their body, but to regain trust in their body’s natural intelligence to heal.

This has given them the courage to take responsibility of their pain and learn how to manage it through efficient and mindful movement.
This has exposed them to their body’s potential therefore removing the feeling of being controlled by ones limitations or pain.

Samya has been teaching Pilates since 2000 and has been extensively trained and certified in Pilates through the Pilates Foundation UK, which is a two year apprenticeship based program.

The school was founded by two 2nd generation teachers of Joseph Pilates himself. (see link)
She has also been certified with Pilates Institue (UK), Swedish Massage and Massage-Kinesitherapy (Kine Concept, Montreal) which requires a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

She is a Breathwork facilitator and has extensive yoga training and influence behind her. She has also been a fitness instructor since 1992, which has provided a wealth of experience towards her teaching today.

She believes in and practices in natural medicine and holistic approaches to healing. “Healing starts from the inside out”, says Samya. “I am just one of the catalysts to your healing process. We must trust and humble ourselves to our ‘inner physicians’. Pilates is a tool to help bring our awareness to that, and a great one at that. It has completely transformed my body, it has taught me to respect my body, it rehabilitated me out of my chronic and severe lower back pain that I had suffered since I was 12 years of age, it fixed my knee problems, got me safely through my pregnancies, helped speed up my recovery post-natally and made me stronger than I have ever been. It just works! But the secret is to have it taught to you correctly, so that you truly discover its secrets!”

Samya is the owner and founder of Pilates Precision and runs her studio in affiliation with Action Sport Physio.
She originally opened her studio in 2003 in London, England where she used to live.
She then returned to her home of Montreal in 2006.
Samya has become a specialist in pelvic floor re-education and training and runs workshops across Montreal.
Due to her affiliations, a session with Pilates Precision is well supported by a team of physiotherapists, osteopaths, athletic therapists, massage therapists, acupuncture, nutritionist, naturopaths, perineal rehabilitation specialists, MINDBODY healing and personal trainers.
One does not go and do Pilates with Samya Tatone, one experiences it!