Pilates Precision

Samya Tatone’s intention behind opening Pilates Precision was to guide people through Pilates training on a one to one basis.
Though she teaches group Pilates classes as a sidekick, the studio’s goals are to instruct people about the details and precision that Pilates brings to movement while staying true to the Pilates method.

Joseph Pilates originally called his method CONTROLLOGY- the idea that the mind should have control of the body, not only for movement, but also for healing.
He believed that though one may be injured or sick, one should still continue to treat the rest of the body in order to maintain health and to support the healing process.

The studio is situated right across the street from, and affiliated with, the  Action Sport Physio clinic as a support to post rehabilitation and movement therapy. There is a constant stream of communication between clinical therapy and the Pilates studio.
Samya has been able to cleverly combine teaching Pilates while simultaneously being fairly hands on with her Kinesitherapy.

Your 1hr to 1½ hrs session at the studio will demand you to be fully and mindfully engaged as to create a dialogue between you, your body and your teacher.
Concentration, focus, determination, patience and persistence are the driving force behind every individual’s success toward their goals and treatment.

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