Description des cours


We recommend everyone start Pilates with one-to-one sessions as it is important for the individual first to grasp this specialized technique both mentally as well as physically. It is also vital that the teacher get to know your history of injuries (if any) and see how structurally fit you are currently so that your Pilates program can be modified appropriately if needed. These sessions are of 60 minutes duration.  Following your first three privates, you may discuss with your teacher how to continue your practice whether privately, semi-privately or in group. Be sure to enjoy the personal attention!


These classes are for couples or people who would like to work simultaneously with a friend. Generally, the session is structured as a 60-minute class (doing common exercises together), however you both benefit from receiving individualized attention. Exercises are always modified to ones ability or need.

Open Studio/Matwork 

Join the open studio, the way Joseph and his wife Clara ran their studio. These sessions are geared around the individual working for 90 minutes under supervised instruction by the Pilates teacher while sharing the studio with one or two other persons. You will be working on your personal program once or twice a week in the studio. These sessions are recommended to anyone wanting to incorporate Pilates as a regular form of exercise and/or rehabilitation into their weekly routines and especially for those persons who need Pilates in conjunction with other forms of therapy in the clinic.

Group Matwork

These are pure Matwork sessions and are taught in class format. Small props are often used to challenge the workouts. Each class will highlight flexibility, core strength and spinal health. These classes are recommended for post-rehabilitation clients with some Pilates experience as well as more advanced students.

Group Reformer Tower

With a limit of 4 students per class, these popular classes are held on the apparatus (one reformer per person). The reformer/tower is a piece of pilates equipment that combines the reformer and cadillac in one highly versatile system. It will challenge your core strength and can add the cardio element to PILATES. It takes the matwork to another level! If you have experience with mat work, imagine doing the Hundred on a moving base with resistance!!! Some PILATES experience is recommended before joining a reformer/tower class. If you have never done PILATES before and would like to join one of these classes, PILATES PRECISION asks that you take the time with at least three private lessons first.

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