Samya’s Tips


Q: The breathing confuses me.

A: The breath is there to guide you. Unfortunately, most people move first and then either breath or forget to breath entirely. First, learn to unlock your breath so that your breath rhythm is even, your lungs can work efficiently with the diaphragm. This then wakes the core to work properly, it also moves and frees the spine, and feeds your muscles and cells while you work. The breath gives you strength and stamina and inevitably releases excess tension the body holds. Consciousness, awareness, control. Slow down. Breathe first; wake the core, and then move.

The teacher will cue the breath rhythm according to what they want you to focus on, though it may sometimes feel like the opposite to want you want to do when moving. The teacher may ask you to breath a certain way in coordination with your movement in order to help you gain more control first, and then once mastered, the teacher may change the breath to challenge you. So there is not necessarily one way to breathe, and no way is the wrong way. What is important is that you use the breath to guide your movement. Look at it this way…your breath potential is equal to your movement potential.


5 minutes of deep, relaxed breathing can replace the 5 minutes it takes to drink your morning cup of coffee, and it will give you the same replenished and revived effect and without the negative low afterwards!