Pre and post natal

Samya Tatone has been certified with pre and postnatal Pilates education.

Your PRENATALsessions will include a personal program relative to your needs, injuries and through each trimester specifically. She will teach you how to remain structurally strong throughout your pregnancy without harming your body or the baby. She will help you get your body ready for labour and delivery through specific perineal exercises and breathwork. The stronger and more structurally sound your body is before, the quicker your recovery later. Samya carried her two sons through the help of Pilates. Her personal experience only helps her understand what other mothers are going through in this wonderful time of their life.

*All prenatal women are required to have the Ok from their physicians before beginning their exercise program at Pilates Precision.

*We ask all POSTNATAL mothers to begin their Pilates program only after they have had the ok from their physician to begin exercise. Your sessions must begin with a private, 60 minutes series of lessons. Samya will consider what kind of delivery you experienced, your recovery and healing experience, and your current abilities or injuries. These sessions will involve perineal and abdominal re-training, with focus on posture and spinal health. Breastfeeding can take a toll on your body, let alone the trauma of delivery. We want to ease that strain on your body. You will also be allowed to bring your baby along to the session if you would like, as long you are comfortable with being interrupted now and then by your baby’s demands. You are welcome to breastfeed in-studio as our setting is always private.