The Rollup

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Q: Why can’t I do the Rollup?

A: Don’t beat yourself up. Most people cannot do the Rollup. This is a movement often misinterpreted as purely an abdominal exercise. Stop looking at the difficulty of the movement, and instead look at what it can do for your spine! This exercise aims at improving the sequential articulation of the spine (i.e. moving one vertebrae after the other in sequence) through flexion/ a forward bend. One of the jobs of the superficial abdominal layers is to flex the spine. But what happens if the spine doesn’t flex/bend very well? Then surely the abs will not work, they buckle and other muscles will have to get you up off the floor. Picture this, your spine curling freely as to roll like a ball forward and back off the mat, compared with a flatter/stiffer spine hinged up through the hips like a door swinging on its hinge. Obviously the latter would be more difficult and is what happens most often than not. Begin by searching to lengthen the spine from head to tail. Pull each end away from each other, decompressing the joints of the spine so that they can open into flexion. Allow your hips to roll and the spine to pull away from the hips on the way down so that you elongate also as you descend. Coming up is surely more difficult, but not so when finally the spine unlocks. Just keep thinking, “ give the spine room to move…lengthen, lengthen, lengthen”. Don’t forget to lead the movement through a full breath, because if your breath locks, so will the spine. Give it time to respond and soon one day the Rollup will feel effortless!

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